Lying in bed last night, I was aware of something moving across the ceiling. It was clear that there was spider infestation at my home. This spider was following a line along the outer edge of the roof. I watched as he paused and then scurried off across the roof. It was fascinating to me to watch his movements, so precise and with a purpose.

There are several recessed lights on the ceiling, and he suddenly seemed to notice one of them, paused again and then took a few slow steps towards it and rested alongside the rim. I decided that he had assessed his surroundings and decided that the rim of the light provided good camouflage as he rested. Soon he was off again, veering like a drunkard across the ceiling, running this way and then that, as if he was being chased by ahem a human antagonist. He made it to another of those recessed lights and again rested before scurrying off once more at great speed. I was very aware that his movements were indicative of fear.

It is interesting that a spider will run across the floor as fast as he possibly can because he is afraid of the dangers looming in the form of a human being who is afraid of the spider…and often that human being will say that it is the speed at which a spider moves which creates the greatest fear. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario, and very unfortunate for the spider.

At this point, I switched off the light but couldn’t help thinking about the spider and what his world must be like. And that led me to think about the fact that what a parent can do to help a child overcome his fear of spiders. If your child is has a fear of spiders, no amount of telling him that “he’s small, he’s more afraid of you than you of him” is sufficient to remove that fear. The fear does not spring from logical thought, and so the application of logic will not shift that fear. Fear is fear. Fear is raw emotion. It is a feeling, one who is intense, and it springs automatically from the subconscious mind.

Recently, I called a pest control company near me for advice on how a parent would help their child overcome their fear of spiders.  I was told that first they must look to what creates that raw emotion; one must deal with the subconscious patterns of thought from which that emotion flows so easily and dramatically. How do you get into your child’s subconscious mind? The answer is hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, and you pass through hypnosis every night as you drift off to sleep. While in hypnosis you have access to your subconscious mind, and so old thought patterns and processes can be adjusted. Deep rooted fears can be examined and reworked with the assistance of hypnosis downloads. Hypnosis provides an environment which is ideal for retraining your mind in the resolution of internal conflicts, or in overcoming fears and phobias. Listening to a hypnosis download, can help your child overcome his fear of spiders quickly and easily, in the comfort of your own home.